Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wrensday: Porch Decorations for the Fall

I thought you might like to see a few fall touches I've added to my exterior living areas. We enjoy the porches almost everyday from April to November.

This is my front porch. I added some dried grasses to a painted metal pot. It was a silvery tin color until I spray painted it bronze. The bouquet of wheat is actually a plastic kind of material but it feels real. My sister-in-law gave it too me as a gift a few years ago. The "come sit on my porch" sign was a gift from my oldest daughter because she , well, likes to sit on my porch. You must have a fall wreath. This one is actually two wreaths stacked together and connected with a few pieces of floral wire. The bottom one is a berry wreath and the top one is a pre-made leaf wreath. I got them both from Michaels. The gourd came from Michaels too. The lantern was a gift from a student last year.
This is the arrangement on my back porch. (I am blessed with two screened porches) I simply placed a small grapevine wreath onto a large picture easel. My daughter gave me the easel for Mother's day. Notice the Brown Wren on the bottom left side? I love it. Of course, I had to add bird house to the arrangement. It was an unfinished wooden one I picked up from Michaels and painted with a myriad of paints and stains until I came up with the "weathered" look I wanted.

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