Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wrensday: The Scarecrow

We have a rather large organic, raised bed garden. The previous owner had done most of the work to the garden. One thing it was missing was a scarecrow. We did, however, have a very interesting "statue" that was mounted on our deck (I told you our house was random). After scaring our teenage daughter one too many times, we decided he would make a better scarecrow out in the garden.

Every 6 months or so he gets a new bandanna. This one is compliments of World Changers where my son volunteers during summers.

I wish he would earn his keep. This past summer he did not scare away any animals or birds. The raccoons ate our corn. The birds ate our cherries. The squirrels ate our apples, and the chickens ate our blueberries.


  1. I'm told what you really need is an owl silhouette :)

  2. I have been considering that idea, Christine. I've heard that you have to move the owl around every week or so to trick the animals. It couldn't hurt to try. I guess the fake deer target in my backyard isn't the same as an owl. :)


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