Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back Porch Floor Redo

A few weeks ago I showed you how I painted the pump house on our property. Well, what I didn't show you was that I was also painting the floor of my back porch. It has a poured concrete slab that was in pretty bad shape. It was very hard to clean and we were always tracking grit into the house. Here is a "before" picture of the slab.
Here is a before picture of the porch in it's naked form. Not very nice.

Here is the "after" picture of the slab. I had to give it two coats of paint because the concrete absorbed the first coat pretty quickly.

Here is the *final* picture. It's so much nicer to look at and easier to clean up.

** this might not really be the final picture because I'm not totally satisfied with the "plain" look of the paint. I might paint a border around the table area with a different colored paint. I always get these crazy ideas and it may or may not actually happen. I'll let you know when I do something.

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  1. What a difference! I love how bright and fresh it looks, now. I love a girl who will paint anything. Good for you! Thanks for becoming a follower and I'm going to do the same.


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