Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Motivation: Don't be late for very important dates

We all start out the New Year with the best of intentions. We purpose to be organized, thoughtful, and prompt. We will be THE family member who always remembers your special day whether it is your birthday, anniversary, or sobriety date. Then life happens and gets the best of us. Oops, we're late.

I always had the best of intentions for remembering special days, but I wasn't organized enough to bring it to fruition. I finally got tired of buying those cards that said. . . "sorry this is late". I've come up with a way to keep myself on track remembering special days for the people I love. Maybe it will help you a bit, or inspire you to create a plan that works for you.

1. I use a day planner as mentioned in this post.

2. I write every one's special day in the new year's calendar in December.

3. As I'm writing these down, I turn to the week before the occasion and write a reminder to myself to mail a card or gift. If I'll need to purchase a gift I write a note two weeks prior to the occasion.

4. I purchase or make several cards at one time, keeping the next few months of occasions in mind. This month I will make cards for January and February. In February, I'll make March and April's and also Easter cards. In April, I'll make cards for May and June and for graduation, Mother's day and Father's day. In June, I'll make cards for July and August. August finds me making cards for September and October. In October I'll be making cards for November, December, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

5. As I receive notice through the year of weddings and births, I add those to my calendar.

6. I always keep extra thank you notes, get well cards, and condolence cards on hand.

7. I order extra stamps to have on hand and extra return address labels. I love these new address stamps and they last for 10,000 stampings. This would make a great wedding present too. Oops, I'm getting off track.

8. Because I have all of my cards ahead of time, I can focus on extra cards and occasions. Sometimes God brings people to my mind and prompts me to send them a card of encouragement or love. A note written inside a card that says "I'm thinking of you" or "I was thinking of your dear husband today and I know you must be missing him terribly" can really show love just when someone needs it.

I hope this helps you a little bit. How do you keep track of birthdays and special occasions? I'd love to learn from you!


  1. I'm glad I read this today. You see, as I was reading I asked my husband, "Isn't this your Mom's b-day?" He said yes, and jumped up to call her. LOL, hopefully next year, she'll get that card on time.


  2. I LOVE your tips! I do some of the same things except on my wall calendar. I go to the store each January with a list of holidays and everyone's birthdays, anniversaries - and get them ALL done for the WHOLE YEAR. It's worked out BEAUTIFULLY! I have them all filed according to month and at the beginning of each month I run through and make a note on the calendar when to mail them out :) LOVE IT!

  3. This very thing has been on my mind a lot lately. In fact, I just *completely* reorganized my craft supplies and work space to make gift-giving easier. I now have labeled shelves for Scissors, Tape, Glue, Stickers, Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards, etc.

    I also just wrote birthdays (and reminders) in my planner you recommended.

    Wish me luck! :)


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