Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reading corner remake

I'm getting tired of all of the red in my house. Yes, red is my favorite color and yes, red warms up the house in winter, but I'm done. I've slowly been redoing my upholstry. This week it was a pair of chairs I got from Pier One and an ottoman.

I needed something more neutral.

Here's the solution. Sturdy fabric that I used to cover the cushion, footstool, and throw pillow. I was able to buy remnants so the cost was minimal.

I used very inexpensive burlap and antique buttons to make a pillow cover. The edges are frayed for a rustic look.

This is what I'm reading while I wait for Spring to arrive.

My new table was a fun find. I've been drooling over a table like this at Pier One for $50.00 but I found this one at TJMaxx for $35.00 and I had a gift card which covered most of it. It's not a brown wren, but it's close enough. For those of you who hate the look of cords, I promise to take care of the problem. I was in too much of a hurry to get my post done to worry about cords.


  1. Love the burlap pillow with frayed edges! That is just my style.

    To let you know about the emergency binder project, my husband and I took the WHOLE day Monday looking for papers and getting things together. We made the binder and gathered up items to put in a safety deposit box when we get one. My husband said he was very thankful we did that. It's hard to image two people putting that off for 37 years!
    Have a good week!

  2. LoVe that table!!
    How did you cover the ottoman? did you just staple the fabric to the bottom?

  3. Oh Lottie, I'm so glad you took the time to get those important papers together. It is certainly a gift that you have given to each other. Thanks for reporting back on your progress!!

  4. Check out tomorrow's post for a tutorial on how to cover the ottoman. P.S. I love my table too.


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