Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I'm a little late getting this post out today. 

I have a good reason.

I left my homework at school. 

I wanted to share one of my favorite books in honor of Mother's Day.

Blueberries For Sal was written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey.  You might remember that he is the author of another famous book Make Way For Ducklings.

He has written and/or illustrated several other books as well.

I love to read this book to preschoolers.  It has enough suspense in it to keep the children's attention.  As I read it today, one little girl kept saying "and then what happened?".  She was sitting on the edge of her chair!  It was so cute. 

I love this picture of Sal and her mother in the kitchen canning blueberries.

I love this old fashioned kitchen.

I love that Mother takes little Sal with her to gather blueberries, explaining that they need to preserve them for winter time eating.

I love how children will follow any woman's legs around if they think it could be their own mother.

I love how mothers always look for you when you're lost.

If you've got an old copy of this book, pull it out and read it to your children or grandchildren this weekend.  It will remind you of how simply good life can be.


  1. I think I need to pick up a copy of the book now that I'm the mama being followed. :)

  2. Absolutely one of my favorites of all time.

  3. What a sweet book... thank you for sharing it with us! Do any of the children ask about the canning process or why they just didn't go to the store? :-)

  4. I did have to explain that before there were grocery store's mommys had to pick food out of the garden and put it into jars to eat later. We've been talking about what happens during all of the seasons so the children already understand that most food won't grow in the garden in the winter. And they LOVE to talk about hibernation. We often pretend to be bears, eating our snack before we hibernate.

  5. I love this book! It's a classic in our house. Especially since it's based on Robert McCloskey's family, when they were young, and living on a small island nearby. His real life daughter Sal,whom the book is based on, lives not far from me. We have all of the Robert McCloskey books and treasure every one.


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