Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wrensday: New Family Members

We must be losing our minds.

Hubs woke up Saturday morning and said "Honey, let's go get another chicken today".

Then after our morning coffee he said "Honey, maybe we'll get two".

I agreed, because we do need more chickens.  Our two current "girls" can't keep up with the amount of eggs we need.  Also, our chickens are the best bug eaters around.  We haven't had a problem with spider mites or squash beetles since we got them.

So off we went to the chicken man's house.  He's an older gentleman who wears large black muck boots and talks to chickens.  (He also has a huge veggie/fruit garden that I'm envious of)

An hour and a half  later we were back home with our two new girls.

Meet Red.

(front view)

(back view-just in case you care)

She's still a pullet and won't lay eggs until September or October.

And then there's Babe.

(front view)
I love how little chicken's feet always look too big for their bodies.

(side/back view - she's really quick)

Babe is still too small to free range.  She still peeps like a chick instead of clucking like a chicken.  We don't let her out of her cage unless we're working in the garden and can keep an eye on her.  We're afraid she'll get snatched up by a hawk.  She follows hubs around like a little puppy (I think it's because he wears large black muck boots and talks to her). 

If you enjoy seeing what others are doing in their gardens, check out the other links on this web site:


  1. Do you think you'll ever get a rooster?

  2. Love your new girls! Are chickens difficult to keep? I've never had any, but always wondered. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Darling girls! I ordered a variety pack of chicks to split with a friend and just put them in the big coop. I think I have a couple barred rocks in there, too. I've been marveling at how big their feet are, as well!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your two new girls are beautiful. I would love to have chickens but we have too many racoon around. Enjoy those new gals!

  5. Oh I love this! I'm seeing chickens all over blogland, and I think it's great-enjoy!

  6. Wonderful! I just got 6 chicks about a week ago... I am thinking I picked a couple of roosters too, but time will tell.

    Looking forward to peeking around your blog some more... visiting from tgp.

  7. Oh your chickens make me want them even more. Thanks for sharing these great pictures at the TGP!

  8. I think there must be a lot of "Red"s out there. After processing our first chickens....I don't name them anymore...just something along the line of their breed. Red, Aerie, Barbie, Buffy, but no more Jenny Hen, Annie, or Henrietta's.

    I don't want to burst your bubble....but I'm glad you gave us a rear shot. They are usually the best with barnyard animals! Red's tale is looking a little suspect...if those tale feathers start to just might have your first rooster! And if Red's comb is forming much faster and is brighter than Barbie's...well...just keep an eye out and you should know sooner than later! Have a blast!


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