Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keeping track of bill paying

For those of you, like us, who are slow to get on the "paying bills online" bandwagon; here's a way to keep track of them so you won't miss a payment. 

When the bill comes in open it immediately.  Take out any advertisements and fluff, check to make sure the bill is correct, place the bill inside the envelope, and label the date to be mailed on the envelope.  Simple.

This little bill holder has a history that is only appreciated and loved by me.  My grandpa made this napkin holder in shop class in 1917.  Grandma and Grandpa married shortly after high school graduation and used it to hold their napkins.  Many years later, while visiting Grandma, we decorated it with crushed up Easter egg shells and covered it with a glue/water mixture to seal it.  Grandma never broke down to buy Modge Podge because she had been making her own version for years. 

My kids think it's weird looking, but every time I look at it I remember happy times with Grandma.  She really taught me the joy of making things with my hands. 

Maybe one day we'll pay our bills online, but for now we'll do it the old fashioned way with an old fashioned holder. 


  1. I pay mine the same way! Only they get stuffed in a small divider in a drawer in the kitchen!

  2. I do my bills the same way with the date written on the envelope. I also put he stamp on it and an address label as soon as I get the bill in my mailbox. I love doing it the old fashioned way. It suits me and I would not want to change with doing it online. I enjoy your blog....it's simple, honest and useful!

  3. Great idea.. I just need to get into the habit of consistently putting the bills in the same place. I pay most of mine online, but the couple I don't throw me off every once in awhile.

    And I really appreciate your napkin holder story... really special! Even though the kids may scoff now they will probably proudly display it in their home too someday:)


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