Friday, August 27, 2010

Yes, even tissue boxes must be cute.

If you're expecting today's blog post to be inspiring, useful, or helpful - well, you'll be dispapointed.  Sorry.

Today's post is trivial and bordering on weird but I'm just keeping it real here at The Wren.

Today, I'm going to show you how I major on the minors, so to speak.  Here's what I do when my favorite box of facial tissue runs out.

I love this box.  It matches my bathroom perfectly.  I was sad when I used up the last of the tissues.

When I went to the store to buy more I was disappointed to find out they didn't have any of this same design.

So, I bought whatever was cheapest and brought it home.

I opened up both boxes on one end. 

I slid the stack of tissue from the ugly box into the cute box.

Then I used my handy double sided tape to tape up the end of the cute box. (don't worry, ugly box went into the recycling bin)

If it doesn't stay "stuck" I'll have to pull out my trusty glue gun. 

Ah, happiness in the form of a tissue box. 

**Yes, I know that paper tissue is not "eco-friendly".  But, neither is my runny nose during allergy season with no kidney safe medicine available to relieve the symptoms.  I'll be dabbing my nose for the next 3 months. 


  1. lolololol! I love it! It really is all about the little things, isn't it? If you are really serious about this tissue box, you might want to use some velcro as closures?!
    Have a great weekend!
    mary : )

  2. That is my favorite pattern TOO!

    You're so creative. Love it!

  3. Love this idea!!!! I have a box with monsters all over it that the kids get a kick out of and now I know how to refill it!!!

    Try hankies! I know, Iknow - very old fashioned, but hubbby still carries one in his back pocket everywhere he goes! He says after lots of washings it's softer than the tissues!

  4. I would prefer to use hankies but at the rate I "dab" my nose during allergy season, I'd need 1000 hankies a week. I have a collection of my mother's hankies and I always keep one in my purse.


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