Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We've Got Ourselves a Winner

It's always a fun day when I can give a friend and blog follower a gift.

Well, today's a fun day.  The winner of the Organizing Gift Basket to celebrate 100 followers on my blog is:

So, Alexia, I'll be emailing you to let you know you won and to get your snail-mail address.  A rather large box will be sent your way!

Since I'd love to give ALL of you a little something, I'm listing here some ideas for ways to use the items I'm giving to Alexia.  You may find you already have some of these things in your home and you can repurpose them.

So, here we go. . .


I like to use these photo envelopes (I get them at Michaels in the framing area) to hold fabric and paint samples in my purse or work bag.  I can quickly pull out the envelope and match up colors while I'm shopping.  You could also use it to hold larger coupons for restaurants and stores because it is larger than a regular coupon holder.  You could use it to hold photos, I guess, but that would be so predictable!

These little mesh bags can be found in the laundry section of many stores, including grocery stores.  They are usually white, but I was happy to find this cheerful green color.  They are  usually sold as "lingerie bags".  They are perfect for washing small socks in the washer.  You put the socks in the bag, cinch it tight, and just throw it in the wash with the other items - no lost socks.

 I also use them to wash small toys in my dishwasher.  Every week or two, I take home a bag of small toys from the preschool where I teach to give them a good cleaning.  We sanitize the toys every day, but that doesn't really clean them.  I fill the bag with toys, cinch the top, and set it on the top rack of my dishwasher when I run a load.  If you've ever tried to clean a "My Little Pony" before, you'll realize how handy this tip is!

These little ID tags are very helpful around the house.  I use them to label the extra car, house, and lock keys we keep on hand.  No more guessing what a key is for. 

I also use them to label baskets on shelves.  I attach them with ribbon or raffia to baskets I keep on top shelves.  I don't have to guess what's in the basket and I can change out the label whenever I need to.

You could also label tote bags for different activities - for instance: library bag, choir bag, PTA bag.

This belt hanger could be used to hang up belts and scarves in your closet.  It can also be used in your utility room to hold dog leashes, a fly swatter, or some of your lightweight cleaning supplies.  If you hung it on your shower curtain rod, you could hook wet bathing suits on it to dry.

This hanging see-through organizer is not too big and not too small.  It would be great to hang in your coat closet to hold mittens or in your clothes closet to hold scarves and other accessories. 

In a child's room in could hold stuffed animals, toys, and collections.   In the utility room or closet it could hold cleaning supplies.  If my cabinets were a bit taller, I would hang one on the inside of my kitchen sink cabinet to hold my small cleaning items like metal polish, glass stove top polish, and my bottle brush.  Those items always seem to get pushed to the back of my cabinet when I'm grabbing my Sparkle cleaner and a rag.

I enjoy these little folding bags.  They are waterproof and washable.  They would be great to keep in a diaper bag to hold wet/soiled clothes until you can get them home to wash them.   They are great to keep in your purse to use as a small shopping bag.  I always take a few to the farmer's market when I go.  I got this one at Office Depot.

So, there you have it.  How would you use these items?  Or, better yet, what multi-taskers do you keep around your home to help keep you organized?  Please share!

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  1. I am so excited! I have a teeny tiny apartment so I can't wait to put this stuff to use - and your ideas are fabulous, I won't be able to decide how to use each item now! LOL!


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