Thursday, March 31, 2011

How To Make A Quick Baby Gift From An Upcycled Cabinet Door

I wanted to make a baby gift for a friend, but didn't have a lot of money to spend (I know, what's new).

I was inspired by Heather's cabinet door trays and decided to make a name plaque for the new baby.

First, I took a trip to my local Habitat For Humanity Re-store where I purchased a white cabinet door.  This door looked like it had been a business's sample door because it had never had any hardware attached to it. 

Then, I turned to my stash of Dollar Store wall vinyl stickers.   The baby's name is Hope, so I lucked out that one of the stickers had the word "hope" in it. 

I centered the sticker on the front of the cabinet door and added a few butterfly stickers that were also from the sticker sheet. 

To make it possible to hang on a wall, I turned it over and attached a small toothed hanger, centering it at the top of the plaque.  *Make sure to double check which end is the "top" before hammering in the nails.

I really wanted to use an extra wide piece of ribbon, but this striped grosgrain ribbon was all I had available. It was wired ribbon and easy to work with.  I folded the ends down twice and tied a bow in the middle.  I had to fuss with it a few minutes to make the bow centered.

I attached the ribbon with hot glue.  The plaque is meant to be hung by the toothed hanger and not by the ribbon.  The ribbon is just for "pretty". 

I also hot glued one of my Tidy Brown Wren tags to the back.  I ordered these from an online company and they can be sewed on items or glued on - they are sold as "camp tags", but I use them as product tags. 

And there you have it.  I quick baby gift for a sweet new baby.  If her name had been Matilda instead of Hope, then I would have used large letter stickers from the craft store.  A talented person could actually paint or calligraphy the baby's name (I'm creative - not talented). 

Since I'm totally into upcycling, I wrapped the gift in wall paper and tied it with a recycled ribbon.  I save all ribbon, sort it by color, and iron it when I need to use it.  I very rarely buy ribbon.

A hand stamped card adds a finishing touch.

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  1. Methinks you are fibbing when you say you're not talented. I think lots of talent resides in you!

    Sheri O.

  2. I love it! I think I'm going to have to make one for my nephew, Elijah!

  3. Very cute; I love it! I need to make ME one now! LOL


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