Thursday, June 30, 2011

How To Make Patriotic Buntings Out Of Sheets

I've been wanting patriotic buntings for our home for several years.  I got sticker shock when pricing them at the local stores - $20.00 per bunting.  Ouch!

While perusing my favorite blogs, I discovered that Marian had done a tutorial for DIY buntings over at HGTV.  So I headed over there and read the directions.

The buntings needed quite a bit of fabric because they are gathered.  My idea was to hop to the thrift store and buy my favorite source of fabric - sheets.  Much to my dismay, not a single red or blue sheet could be found.  Burgundy - yes.  Baby blue- yes.  But not true blue or real red.  Then I remembered that Walmart sold cheap 200 thread count flat twin size sheets for $5.00 a piece.  Bingo!

I had to buy a fitted sheet in the blue because that's all they had.  I already had white sheets at home (or so I thought - I actually had to cut up an old dust ruffle - but, it worked ). 

After several hours, I had two pretty nice buntings.  I had planned on making three and hanging them on the deck railing, but I underestimated the amount of work they would take and was happy with the two I completed.  Maybe I'll make more next year.  They aren't hard to make - just time consuming.

I pinned them up with thumb tacks.

If I make more, I'll do a better job at making larger pleats.  I pleated them too small and they almost look like a ruffle rather than a pleat. 

Check out Marian's tutorial

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  1. I love them! I wish I had the courage to get out my sewing machine and give them a try, they look wonderful!

  2. I've always loved these. Wish I had a front porch to hang some on. You did a great job. I would have thought you bought them, looks professional to me!

  3. It does look like a ruffle, but it's super cute!


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