Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's amazing how God works through His people to get a job done.

A few weeks ago at my Bible study, a friend mentioned that she and her husband were going to Honduras to help with an orphanage there.  She was asking us to donate small stuffed animals or "lovies" to take with her to the orphaned children. 

My thoughts immediately went to a pile of fabric that a dear family friend had given me.  I hadn't been sure of what I would do with the fabrics. . . but now I knew. 

White flannel on one side and children's cotton print on the other.   But what else could I add? 

Silky tags on the corners.  Children love to rub silky things.  The purple ribbon came from wedding gifts my daughter and son-in-law had gotten last year - thank you Bed, Bath, and Beyond for adding plain purple ribbon to your gift wrapped packages.  I didn't even have to take your logo off of it.

I had been told by my friend that they were worried that the gifted items would possibly be taken from the children by the orphanage workers and sold.  I started praying that God would protect these little lovies and make sure they stayed with the children they were intended for.  Well, God took care of that too. 

He woke me up at 2:30 one morning and gave me the idea - write blessings and prayers on the blankets so that they would be less likely to be taken by the workers. 

At Bible study, we sat around the kitchen table and wrote "Gracias Jesus" (thank you, Jesus) and other prayers on the lovies.  We also wrote phrases that warned not to take the blankets because Jesus was watching!  I got help with the phrases from some friends at my church who are fluent in Spanish and have experience working with orphanages.

I was so excited to be a small part of this project.  So many people used their talents and abilities to add their special touch to the project.  God will use these lovies and all the other donations to love on some of His littlest ones.  


  1. I love that God is so so inventive and gives just what you need. I know the children will love your gifts :) Thank you!


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