Friday, January 27, 2012

Thrifted Finds To Cheer Up The Kitchen

I was supposed to be shopping for a bedside table. 

Ahem. . . a bedside table. . . not dishes. 

See, if I went to a regular furniture store instead of a thrift store, I wouldn't have this problem.   They don't sell dishes in furniture stores, but they also don't have very interesting bedside tables in furniture stores (at least not the ones I'm interested in). 

Apparently I have a disease called "dish-itis".  I think it's contagious because some of my friends have it too. 

Some of the fun things I found are an amber pitcher (to replace one I broke before Christmas), a mortar and pestle (to grind spices), a yellow glass tray (I think I'll use it in the bathroom to hold bottles), a milk glass pedestal dish (wait until Monday to see what I did with this cutie), a Villeroy and Boch rectangular tray (I need this to serve Stromboli on), and a handmade creamy floral vase (it matches the one I use on my spring mantel). 

Oh, I almost forgot - the brown and cream checkered table cloth was a treasured find too!  Total spent for everything?  $10.79 and that includes tax. 

I still don't have a bedside table, but I'll save that hunt for another day.  In the meantime, I'll just balance my books and coffee cup on the window sill. 

What treasures have you found lately?

P.S.  I did a little bit of research and found that the Villeroy &Boch sandwhich tray in the Mon jardin pattern costs $99.95 at Replacements.  I paid $1.75!!!


  1. I think those are fantastic finds!!! I really love that vase! (which is why I'm not allowed to venture into thrift stores very often hehe)

  2. Yep, I have dish-itis, too! But it's really a personality trait not a disease and thankfully no one is searching for a cure. =)
    On my last thrifting trip I found ink cartridges for my printer - regularly $18 - for $1.25!

    Love the new store on Battlefield!

    Sheri O.


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