Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making A Table Spring Centerpiece Using What You Already Have

I wanted to show you how simple it is to make a centerpiece using what you already have on hand.

I made a dozen of these little vases for a women's event at my church. 

First, I gathered all of my white vases.  Since I was a few short, I made a quick trip to the thrift store and picked up some more.  I was still 2 short, so I bought cheap clear florist's vases and painted the inside white. 

To make the innards, I picked up sticks from my yard and arranged them in my hand.  Then I wrapped grocery bags and newspaper (from the recycling bin) around the base of the sticks. 

Then I stuck the whole shebang into one of the vases.  I covered up the recyclables with green excelsior left over from making the party favors.

I cut small pieces of recycled tissue paper into small squares and glued them onto the sticks.  I used Tacky Glue instead of a hot glue gun because, frankly, I hate to burn my fingers.  The Tacky Glue is thick enough to hold the paper into place until it dries. 

I added one of the vases to a tray on my dining room table for my spring centerpiece.  Everything on the tray was bought second hand except the beautiful bird's nest which I recently purchased at Keep Good Company in Richmond, Virginia.  Actually, the tray and table runner were also purchases at thrift stores too.


So, get outside and pick up some sticks!

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