Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wrensday: Bluebirds Are Househunting

A few weeks ago, before the trees got some green on them, we had some bluebird visitors to Brown Wren Acres.

The beautiful bluebird couple came to house hunt at one of our bluebird houses.  I wonder if it is the same couple who came by last year?  This lovely, one bedroom house has a roomy entrance, clean floors, and a snake barrier for safety.  It stands in an organic vegetable garden with lots of worms and bugs.  It's close to birdbaths and trees. Move-in ready!

Daddy bluebird checks out the neighborhood from high up in the tree tops.  He wants to make sure his babies will be safe. 

Mama bluebird looks uninterested in the structure.  I have a feeling they will pick the bluebird house near the goat pen like a bird family did last year. 

The bluebird house is on a fence post just outside of this picture, but you get the idea.  Bubba (the lighter goat) loves to butt his head against all of the fence posts.  I can't imagine why any sensible bird mother would want her babies to be born in such a noisy, vibrating house.  Maybe the goats offer a sense of protection?  Maybe not. . . See how the goats have climbed up onto the wood?  It's because they are afraid of the chickens.  Yup!  Scaredy cats - I mean - Scaredy Goats!  Good Grief.


  1. "Scaredy Goats!" I love it!!! What's a snake barrier? Can I get one for the rest of my life??? :)

  2. Donna Rae,
    A snake barrier is a piece of pokey wire fencing that we wrap around the bottom of the pole the birdhouse is attached to. The snakes avoid the wire because it cuts them. Maybe you can wrap yourself in fencing to avoid the unpleasant snakes!


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