Friday, December 28, 2012

Organizing Christmas Wrap

I'm not ready to put away the Christmas decorations yet, but the Christmas wrappings were driving me nuts and I had to do something - and fast.
My studio had become the dumping ground for gifts and wrappings and it was a total mess.  Fortunately, I have a system, so it only took about 15 minutes to put everything away.
First, I gathered all of the bags, ribbons, wrapping paper, tags, and tissue paper together.  Then I sorted it by type on the floor.  I discarded anything that was damaged.
After everything was sorted I started to put each category of wrapping in it's storage place.
The tall rolls of wrapping, large bags, and collapsed boxes were filed into the bottom of the Rubbermaid wrapping container.  It's extra tall to accommodate the tall rolls of paper.

I always use a recycled gift bag that I don't want to use again and store the folded tissue paper and small gift bags in.

Ribbon is folded and stored in a sturdy Christmas gift box.  I've used this box for about 10 years now.

Another sturdy gift box holds tags, package decor, cards, and a few odd ribbons.

Package filler (is that what you call it?) goes into Ziploc bags and then I squish the air out to save space.

I add all of the small containers to the large storage container and put the lid on.  Done!

I also took a few seconds to tidy up the regular wrapping that I use throughout the year.  I use wrinkled gift bags to store tissue paper (on the right) and gift bags (on the left).  The basket holds ribbon and package decor.  The tall Rubbermaid container holds all occasion wrapping paper and also contact paper.

All of these wrapping containers slide into my closet on the second floor for easy access.

Where do you store your wrappings?

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