Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to keep up with the household chores.

A young housewife and new mother recently asked me for a list of things to do each day to help her stay on top of her household chores. Here is what I gave her.

-wipe up kitchen, plan dinner
-make beds
-wipe up bathrooms
-sweep kitchen floor
-put away items before bed

-laundry, grocery shopping

-iron clothes, water plants

-dust whole house

-vacuum whole house

-mop floors, change linens

-clean glass surfaces, clean bathrooms

-attend church, rest, plan menu and grocery list for next week

Each week, pick one of these items to accomplish.
-wipe down fridge (inside and out)
-clean oven
-mend clothing
-vacuum and dust behind furniture
-change filter for heater/air conditioner
-wipe walls and door trim

Every home will have different chores that need to be done. The point is to break up the work into smaller chunks and do a little every day. Try it!

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