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2011 In Review

On this last day of 2011 I thought is would be fun to look back and review the year as it was documented on the blog.  It was an unusual year for me.  Lots of changes and improvements to my body, my life, my home, my family, and my business.  January: I started out the year teaching a few workshops.  I had a great time meeting so many new friends and sharing what I'm passionate about - organizing.  Click on the tab "Presentations" above to see a list of all of the topics I speak on.  Several packages were sent out from my Etsy shop.  I like to make each package special and I try to use upcycled paper and ribbon when available. February: In the beginning of February, I had the first of two surgeries for 2011.  My recovery was slower than I wanted it to be but I've never been known to do well sitting still. I made a lot of muffins for the family and to freeze for later.  We had good success with our winter

2011 Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to Brown Wren Acres!  I hope you don't mind that I've brought you through the back door.  I just love how the Christmas lights look through the window.  I've kept things very simple this year and I think I really like it.  I've always thought that more decorations meant cozy, but I've come to realize that less decorations can be be cozy too - and surprisingly calming.   A simple swag of greenery and a metal star on a piece of barbed-wire adorn the fireplace mantel.  We use our fireplace a lot so I have to keep things as fireproof as possible. I've borrowed the picture below from a previous home tour post because the stockings are exactly the same as the previous years. Here's a view from the dining area, through the keeping room, into the kitchen.  I'm still loving the surprise pop of bright green on my island stool.  I hope I never grow tired of it. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law live in Alaska and gave us this fun pillow a