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Wrensday: The Last Of The Garden

      Our veggie garden was TERRIBLE this year.  I'm not sure what happened, but we had pitiful harvests of tomatoes, beans, and peppers.  That was until now - at the end of the season.  Suddenly, veggies are starting to appear.      Last week, before Hurricane Sandy approached, I harvested a few potatoes, several green beans, some great looking peppers, and a lot of green tomatoes. Now I'm waiting for my fall/winter veggies to produce.  I've planted spinach, swiss chard, lettuce, pok choy, and collards.  I'll cover the beds with low hoops and row covers when the weather starts to turn colder. 

Monday Motivation: How To Maintain A Clean Garage

I've enjoyed the email conversations I've been having with several of you, my readers,  about cleaning out garages. It seems that the universal dilemma of garage owners is how to clean out the garage and keep it cleaned out. Garages were designed to store things.  True, originally they were designed to store vehicles, but we tend to store more than vehicles in them.  We store holiday decorations and tools in them.  We also use them as project spaces and sporting spaces and gardening project spaces.  No wonder they tend to look like a mess all the time. I can't claim to have a neat looking garage all of the time.  What I can claim is that I'm able to clean it up pretty quickly because I don't let it stay too messy for too long.  That's really the trick.  Everything has a place where it lives.  When everything has a place to live, it doesn't take long to send everything home where it belongs.  About once a month, Hubs and I open the large ga

Wrensday: Mamma Says

  Having a hungry 21 year old Marine living in our house has some advantages and some disadvantages.    Advantages: He can lift, move, or rearrange any furniture I need him to take care of.   He loves to cut the grass.   He takes the garbage out with a quick "Yes, Mam!"   I can get a big, quick hug any time I want one.   Disadvantages: We're always running out of food. At least I chose a cheerful magnet to attach the note to the freezer.  How about that sunshine? For those of you who are worried about our starving son, we ate the ice cream that night with homemade Hot Fudge Sauce .  I just wanted to make sure we had enough ice cream for all of our dinner guests. 

Monday Motivation: Cleaning and Organizing The Garage

  Join us for Monday Motivation - An opportunity to go through your whole house (and car too) in a year, organizing and cleaning the whole way.  October is the month to clean out the garage.   This post is a collection of the Monday Motivations from last year .   Getting Your Garage Under Control How many of you are afraid to open your garage door? How many of you are parking your car outside of your garage because there's too much stuff stored in there? I've only met two people in my whole life who had neat and tidy garages - and I'm not one of them. I can clean up our garage fairly quickly, but it never stays perfectly organized and tidy all of the time. That's just how life rolls. So let get started. . . 1. Make a plan - decided on what you will use the garage for. Will you need to park your vehicle in it? Will you need space for sporting or yard equipment? Do you need storage for kid's toys or holiday