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A simple fix for hanging towels

Our home is a work in progress.  Actually, my whole life is a work in progress! Ha! Big projects in the house aren't in the works right now since work on the greenhouse is still continuing.  Here it is in it's half painted stage.  Yes, it really is green!  Anyway, as I was saying.  . .  Small projects are all we can handle in the house right now.  One of those projects was tackling the lack of towel bars in our main bathroom.  We haven't done much in the bathroom except pull out the dropped ceiling and add a few lights.   For a temporary fix, I added a quilt rack to hold our towels. I felt like it was always getting in the way and tended to be top heavy when holding wet towels. I picked up some hooks from Hobby Lobby (when they were 50% off) and hubs attached them to some leftover 1 by 4s.  Then the wood was attached to the wall studs for stability.  The wood was already stained to protect it - but not the right shade.  No worries, it will