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Monday Motivation: Garage Organization - It's All In The Details

While browsing Pinterest for creative storage ideas, I found some interesting ideas for storing items in the garage.  This system works well and uses storage containers that are readily available at most department stores and/or hardware stores.   I've used something similar in my craft studio for years and it's served me well.  Just make sure you have all of your items purged and categorized before you buy containers so you won't buy the wrong size. Source: None via Andrea on Pinterest I thought this was a great idea for the workshop area.  It reminds me of how stores display their merchandise.  You'd just need to make sure that the boards folded far enough out of the way to not block the work surface. Source: via Samantha on Pinterest I love this idea for boots - in fact, I'm getting ready to do something similar on my back porch for our muck boots. Source: None via Jo on Pinterest This is great to hang right inside yo

Our New Marine

Hubs and I traveled down to Parris Island, South Carolina last week. We went to enjoy the Marine Corps Graduation. We started out at 6:30 AM waiting for our new Marine to run by with his platoon.  It was hard to spot him in a group of young men who all look alike. We enjoyed a glimpse of Ryan before Family day on the base.  The next morning was very stirring with the raising of the colors while the Marine Corps band played the Star Spangled Banner.  The entire audience was moved to tears as two jets flew over right as the flag reached the top of the flag pole.  It was picture of freedom. A replica of the statuary of Iwo Jima was a popular spot for picture taking. The graduation ceremony was impressive.  All of those young men (the young women graduate on a different weekend), had worked extremely hard for 13 weeks to reach their goal. Ryan is the first one in the third row behind the Drill Instructors. We're so proud of him! As soon as we got off of the

Making A Lamp For My Craft Studio

I was the happy recipient of Hub's grandmother's sewing box when she passed away.  She had been a dressmaker in New York City and before that, in Germany.  Oma's sewing supplies included silk thread, wooden spools of thread, buttons, ribbon, lace, and lots of odds and ends - she was very frugal and saved everything ! A lot of the thread she had saved was too fragile to use in real sewing projects, but I was really interested in keeping the thread.  It is beautiful and every spool is wooden - something you don't see any more. I've been looking for a way to showcase the thread and I finally discovered the solution: It all started with a bottle lamp I found at the thrift store for $3.00.  I liked the shape and size of the bottle, and the electrical cord and socket was in great shape.  The hardest part of the project was cleaning out the inside of the bottle.  First, I removed the socket and cord.  Then I filled the bottle a quarter of the way up with warm, soap

Monday Motivation: Garage Storage Solutions

Almost every client I work with wants help with organizing their garage. After purging all unnecessary items, I help them sort the keepers and find a home for every item. Here are some of my favorite organizing solutions to help control clutter in the garage. These easy to install tool racks are great for getting tools and accessories off of the floor and within easy reach.  After all, you (or your teenager) are more likely to use it if you can reach it.  traditional spaces design More vertical storage ahead. . .  These metal storage shelves are sturdy and adjustable. Notice how the heavier items are stored on the bottom shelves. kitchen design This garage utilizes cabinets, rolling carts, shoe racks, peg boards, vertical hanging hooks, shelves, and a finished floor.  It's a great use of space. other design There is no rule that says you can only put closet organizers into a closet. They'll work perfectly well in a garage too!  Generally, you'll have to put i

Monday Motivation: Getting Your Garage Organized (doing the dirty work)

Several readers have emailed me to let me know that they are getting ready to do a major garage cleaning/organizing this month.  It's the perfect time to do it because the weather is neither too hot or too cold.  To get started, don't forget to read the first post about organizing your garage. Now we're ready to get our hands dirty: 1.   Set out your garbage and recycling containers so they are handy. I always recommend using opaque containers (either cans or dark bags) for trash.   Once it goes into the bag - it's gone.  No looking back or having second thoughts.  Also set aside some empty boxes or bags for donations, items to return to someone, and items that need to be moved to somewhere else. 2.   Decide what categories you will want to have in your garage.       ~ tools      ~ yard/gardening      ~ toys      ~ sporting goods      ~ auto repair      ~ projects      ~ holiday decor      ~ home improvement      ~ camping/coolers      ~ car storag

Enjoying A Bit Of Harvest Decor

I've been eager to start decorating for Fall out here at Brown Wren Acres.  I decorate for the harvest season and it lasts until I decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  I added a few bales of hay, a pumpkin, two bunches of corn stalks, and a potted mum to make the driveway island a bit festive.   I always keep the wheelbarrow there and right now it holds a birdhouse, a pot of impatiens, and a terra cotta pot tipped onto it's side.  I added pumpkins (foam - not real) to the top of my urns that were already planted with sweet potato vine.  I used foam pumpkins because real ones would be too heavy for the pots and would crush the vines.  I think I'll replace the really fake looking stems with real wood to make them look more life-like.  As you come up on the porch to the front door, you're greeted by our wreath, a dried gourd, and an autumn basket filled with pine cones.  The bench to the left has a green cushion topped off with brown pillows with co

Wrensday: The Goats vs. The Fence

These two fellas are up to no good.   It seems that Gus and Bubba's main goal in life is to break out of their fence.  Hence, the mangled layers of fencing.   We've been adding additional layers of fencing every time someone breaks through.  We've now decided to take down all of the old stuff and add new stuff - strong stuff - extra strong stuff.  The funny thing is that whenever they break out, they never go anywhere.  They just stand outside of the gate with an uneasy look on their faces, as if to say . . " we're not sure what happened, but somehow we ended up on this side of the fence . . . ". Gotta love the little guys.

Monday Motivation: Getting Your Garage Under Control

How many of you are afraid to open your garage door? How many of you are parking your car outside of your garage because there's too much stuff stored in there? I've only met two people in my whole life who had neat and tidy garages - and I'm not one of them.  I can clean up our garage fairly quickly, but it never stays perfectly organized and tidy all of the time.  That's just how life rolls. If you're interested in working on your garage this month, here's the plan: 1st week - Planning and Preparing 2nd week - Doing the Dirty Work 3rd week - Storage Solutions 4th week - Maintenance So let get started. . . 1.  Make a plan - decided on what you will use the garage for.  Will you need to park your vehicle in it?  Will you need space for sporting or yard equipment?  Do you need storage for kid's toys or holiday decorations?  Will you want to have a workshop area or crafting area? 2.  Draw a simple room layout on paper, marking windows, doors, and any