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Wrensday: Checking Out The Chickens

  One of the things I love about living at Brown Wren Acres is opportunity to teach my grandlittles about nature.    Our first little grandgal is fascinated by the newest group of chickens we raised from peeps.  She's not quite sure if she likes them, but she can't take her eyes off of them.  They are in our portable chicken coop that we move around the yard.  These Buff Orpingtons are almost ready to go into the big pen with the older hens.  They should be laying eggs in a week or two.   

A Playhouse Story

Once upon a time a family bought a house that came with a wonderful little playhouse attached to the deck.  The youngest daughter in the family was married in the backyard of the home and used the playhouse as a backdrop for some of her wedding photos.  Read all about the wedding here . Alas, the family's children were already grown,  so the playhouse was used as a storage shed for all of the grown children's old toys.  You should also know that the mother of the family (aka "Honey")  had a tendency to hoard sentimental things.  She could not help herself but she is much improved now. It also housed folding chairs and Papa's  hammock - anything that didn't have a home somewhere else. It was dark, crowded, and spidery. So one day Honey had a great plan - have all of the grown children come over (dinner was promised) and insist they go through all of their old toys and get rid of any they didn't want to keep for their

The Finished Kitchen Remodel

Yes, we survived the kitchen remodel and I'm back to blogging again - I hope.  The kitchen has been done for about 6 weeks now but between my camera breaking and some glitches with loading photos into blogger, I've been an absentee blogger.  A big thanks to those of you who were concerned about me and checked in on me.   So. . . do you want a tour of the new space? A few months ago, my kitchen looked like this. . . And this. . . And this. . . And there was a window looking down from our upstairs bedroom. . . Then we decided to remodel and went through this for awhile. . . And some of this. . .  The room was finally starting to take shape.   And then we had this!! I wasn't sure what I was going to do about the island.  I really liked the functionality of the piece, but it was too busy and too white.  My new cabinets are a vanilla color and the white island was just stark.   I'm very happy wi