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Christmas Decor at Brown Wren Acres - 2013

 I'm so glad that red is my favorite color - and that shades of green can be found all around my house.  Why?  Because for the first few weeks of December, that was all that decorated my house.  Touches of red and green with one half-lit Christmas tree standing halfway between the family room and the dining room.   It's been such a crazy busy summer, fall, and now winter that I barely had time to clean my house let alone decorate for Christmas.  And decorating for Christmas is something I love to do.  I managed to find about 20 minutes a day for a whole week and finally got some decorations set out around the house.   Like I said before, the red and green colors I already had in our home really came in handy - all I had to do was add to it.   Ready for a tour before I have to take everything down this weekend? Here is the front porch.  My son found the old firetruck and refurbished it.  It is perfect to hold some greenery and a package.   The foyer chin