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A Few Comforts During A Kitchen Remodel

Just because your house is a mess doesn't mean that you have to feel like a mess yourself.   While this kitchen remodeling project continues (we're on week 7 now) I've worked very hard to keep a bit of civility and calmness in several areas of our home.  I need quiet places to rest my eyes and my spirit amidst the chaos. I'm so glad our Camellias are in full bloom right now.  I'm able to keep fresh blooms in our foyer to cheer everyone up.  (you might notice the dust below the vases, but I'm pretending it's not there) One of my sweet little preschool students gave me an Amaryllis bulb as a Christmas gift.  I planted it right after Christmas and was so pleased to see that it was beginning to bloom just when I needed it the most.  It holds a blooming place of honor on the dining room table for everyone to enjoy.  It's been blooming for over a month now.    I made it a priority to keep our bedroom as calm and clean as possible.  I pur

Kitchen Remodel: Making Progress With The Floors and Cabinets

  Well, the yellow pine floors finally made their appearance and they are perfect.    They won't have a finish until everything else is done.   You can see the difference between the old floor in the utility room and new floor in the kitchen.  The following day, the cabinet boxes went in.  We had a local guy build the custom cabinets.  It cost considerably less to have him build the cabinets than to buy them from a big box store.  Plus, they are custom! The stove will go to the far right.  The fridge will go to the right of the window.  A farmhouse sink will go under the window with the dishwasher to the left.  We have a nice glass-front upper cabinet ready to be installed to the left of the new window.  With additional trim, it will look like a small china cupboard.  Because of the extra trim it will be installed after the granite goes in.  Rough cut wood is being picked up right now to be used as a faux beam over each of the windows and upper cabine