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How to organize and clean your bedroom

Most of the time, when I'm called in to help stage or organize a home, I encounter an overstuffed master bedroom. What I mean by overstuffed is too much furniture, too many clothes, and too many items that don't belong in a bedroom. A lot of people, including myself, tend to put stuff in the bedroom that doesn't belong because we don't know what else to do with it. It becomes a staging area for projects, laundry, exercise equipment, and "stuff". So how do we get from ransacked to restful? I thought you'd never ask! Here are some questions to ask yourself: 1. What do I want this room to feel like? Restful retreat, romantic getaway, or an inspired haven? 2. What pieces of furniture could be gotten rid of? Bookshelves, dressers, chairs, exercise equipment? 3. What items end up in your bedroom that don't belong there? Toys, paperwork, laundry? 4. Are there any repairs that need to be made? Loose handles, broken curtain rods, stuck doo