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Spring Cleaning Your Home (Part 1)

Spring cleaning is one of those chores that has fallen out of favor. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers would practically tear their houses apart and put them back together every spring. With central heat and air conditioning and powerful vacuum cleaners, we no longer need to disrupt our lives with that heavy duty chore. Having said that, there is a need to take care of some cleaning chores that never seem to get done. Spring is a good time to do it. Today, we'll talk about windows and upholstered furniture. Window Spring Cleaning: 1. Take down all window treatments. 2. Curtains can be washed, dry-cleaned, tumbled in the dryer on "air", or simply vacuumed. Be sure to check the fabric care label. If you have very large, heavy drapes it might be better to leave them hanging and vacuum them before steaming them with a hand steamer to freshen them. 3. Shades can be left in place, as well, if they are too cumbersome to remove. Vacuum them and then wi