Sunday, February 15, 2009

Organizing nonessential papers

What do you do with those pictures you've ripped out of magazines? What about the newspaper articles, travel brochures, and "someday, I'll. . . " ideas? It's time to get those papers organized. Let's get started.

1. Collect all of the papers. Check on your desk, bedside table, car, purse, kitchen counter. Gather them together in one pile.
2. Go through them, one by one, and sort by topic. Any papers that are obsolete need to go directly into the trashcan.
3. Decide what to name your topics. Examples are: decorating wish list, weekend get-aways, party ideas, inspiring quotes and stories, organizing ideas, new recipes to try.
4. Label separate files for each topic. Place the papers in the labeled files.
5. Place files in file drawer or file box.
6. Glance through the files every once in a while and weed out outdated papers.

If this seems too detailed for you, at least keep all of your papers in a single drawer so you can look for them in one place.

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