Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fresh Summer Melon

It's my favorite time of the year. The time when backyard gardens burst with wonderful, fresh produce. I really could eat my way through a garden. I LOVE fruits and vegetables. I've discovered that some people won't purchase a whole melon because they are intimidated by slicing into a lumpy sphere with a knife. So. . .here's a little "look-see" on how to do it.

The most important thing is to wash the melon first with water and a vegetable brush. The rough rind tends to trap dirt and germs. Now, cut the melon in half. It works best if the stem end is to the side.

Then, slice each half in half again. Slice each half in half again until you have 4 fat slices.

Then take each slice and scrape or scoop the seeds and goop out. I put mine in a plastic bowl that I will empty later into my backyard compost bin. Then slice between the flesh(the part you eat) and the rind (the part you don't eat).

Next, cut that slice in half, lengthwise and cut crossways into chunks. Be sure to have a bowl ready to receive the chunks.

This is what you should have left. A bowl of yummy, ready to eat melon and a bowl of yucky, ready to compost goop.

Now, run right out to your nearest farmer's stand a pick up a whole melon for dinner tonight.

Disclaimer: I didn't grow this melon in my garden. My next-door neighbors have a fantastic garden and gave us two of these wonderful orbs.


  1. I detest melon (am I the only one on the planet?) but that's a great tutorial. My family loves them so I should buy them more often.

  2. I can attest, it was very sweet! I ate it that night.


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