Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Homemade pillow cases

My little grandson is going to be a big brother soon. I've been excited about helping my daughter get things ready for the new baby even though I have to do it long distance (she's in New England and I'm in Virginia). My first contribution is two pillow cases for the boys (they will be sharing a room). Daughter and I picked out fabric when she visited in July and I've been looking for inspiration on the web. Well, I found a great tutorial at this site and I'll let you check it out for yourself as my directions could not be more clear than her's are.

Here's my final product. The boy's room will be done in brown, tan, and bright green with a few little cute monkeys thrown in (monkey theme - not monkey boys).

Here's a close-up. The fabric is really brighter than this, but I couldn't get the right lighting. The funny thing about this fabric is that my grandma had some sheets with this same circle pattern in neon colors in the 1970s. Like they say, everything comes around again.

Next, I'll be making a striped valance for the boy's room. Daughter sent me the measurements for the window. After that I'll be making Baby his own quilt from "Honey" or as Grandson #1 calls me, "Honey-honey".

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  1. They turned out great Mom! When you come up for a visit we should take pictures of the boys room so everyone can see the finished results. :) Juan says thanks too...your saving him lot's of money!


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