Thursday, August 6, 2009

Landing Zone

I have a wonderful problem. I have a pretty large foyer. It is actually an air-lock. Our front door enters into this foyer and then another heavy door leads into the house. We only use it as an air-lock in the winter. It helps to keep the cold air out of the house.

The problem I was having was with the cute little secretary desk I have in the foyer. I like to keep the desk open because it is so handy, but it was becoming a catch-all for everything that comes into the house.

My solution was to buy some containers to act like little drawers in the desk openings. I needed to store things that we want to have handy as we come and go. I ordered these bamboo boxes from The Container Store. I measured carefully. I bought a few extra because I can stack 2 of them and they will still fit in the openings. Right now I don't need the extras, but I may need them in the future. This is also the official place for our Bibles. Please note that my husband's Bible is bigger than mine. He's so much smarter than I am!

I also put a little dish on the top to hold the phone charger. Right now 3 of us have the same (out-of-date) phones which all use the same charger.

Right now, this works well for us. In the red drawer I have chapstick, hand lotion, gum, mints, small scissors, and nair clippers. The small bamboo boxes hold the name tags and badges we use for work and church, pens and pencils, small GPS device, small flashlight, extra phone charger, and extra batteries and battery charger.

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