Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The many uses of clothes pins

A while ago I wandered onto this adorable blog and found an idea to make decorated clothes pins. I love to make cute crafts that can be made quickly (instant gratification) but I also like to make crafts that are useful. So I put on my thinking cap and brainstormed about some ways to use these sweet little clothespins. Here are only a few of the ideas I thought of. I'll post about a few more next month.

First, I clipped one of my recipes onto my kitchen cabinet at eye level. It kept my card from getting goop sloppped onto it since I am a messy cook.

Next, I gave everyone a different clothespin and had them mark their drinking glass so we don't go through all of our glasses before dinner. You could also label the clothespins with your family members names.

This one might not be necessary for everyone, but it is MANDATORY at my house. If I don't want ALL of my food to be eaten by my 18 y.o. son, I have to label that it is to be saved for dinner.

This next idea is a typical use for clothespins. Many people use them as "chip clips" or to close bread bags if they loose the little twist tie.

I've been using this next idea for years, but now it looks cuter with newly decorated clothespins. I simply clip all of my little garden flags to a wire clothes hanger.

I can hang this in my coat closet and it doesn't take up much room.

What ideas can you think of for using these little cutie pies?


  1. I love all of your sweet little clothespins and seeing how you use them! They are pretty AND functional! Thank you so much for the shout out - I appreciate it! I'm a follower now and will add you to my blogroll...thanks again!

    I like the idea of putting a magnet on them and using them on the fridge for papers or art. Or, I've seen someone use them on a display board made with chicken wire. I think the possibilities are endless!

  2. Great ideas! And now I am envisioning a fun craft projects with my nieces to decorate one for each family member for our next family gathering.

    (And that "Save for Dinner" would come in handy when my brother-in-law is around! And he's 42!)

  3. What cute ideas! I have a bag full of clothespins we don't use anymore since we don't have a hanging line... I'll have to decorate some and put them to good use around the house! :)

  4. Cute clothespins! I think I could actually handle making these! My favorite is the "save for dinner" one. I have two hungry teens in the house and I need a whole slew of those!


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