Friday, November 13, 2009

Frightful Weather

Well, we've really had some rain lately due to a Nor'easter that blew in this week. It dumped many, many inches of rain (some say more than a foot) in our area which is already very close to sea level. All of the schools and many businesses were closed due to flooding and high winds. I'm here to confess that this whole storm is my fault. You see, I told The Lord that I would love to have a "snow day" so that I wouldn't have to go anywhere and I could just "nest" in my cozy home. Well, we rarely have snow so I guess the Nor'easter was good enough to do the trick. Thank you, Lord! I stayed inside and cooked, sewed, crafted, and read. What a day!

Here's the fashionable footwear for the week.

Besides a small leak in our roof, here was our only casualty from the storm.


  1. Yes! We are enjoying the days home from school, too! My kids have never had such fun doing worksheets on math and handwriting!

  2. I just love the boots!


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