Friday, November 6, 2009

Running From The Flu

It has been an interesting week at our house. My husband came home from work on Tuesday evening saying he wasn't feeling too well. As the evening progressed, I found him in our bed shivering with chills and barking a nasty cough. I decided it would be prudent to sleep on the couch that night, so I gathered my pillows and a few quilts and bunked down in the family room.

Wednesday evening, when I arrived home from work, I found my 18 y.0. son laying on the couch bundled up in quilts, shivering with chills, and moaning. Being the sensitive and caring mom that I am, I immediately noticed he was wrapped in MY quilts and laying his feverish head on MY pillows. Instead of saying "Oh, son, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well", I commented "Well, where am I going to sleep tonight?".

Being the sensitive and caring mom that I am, I slept in a sleeping bag, on an air mattress, in my bedroom.

Latest health report: both my guys are feeling better and back to school/work. So far, I'm not showing any symptoms and I made sure to get my flu shot.


  1. LOL! I'd be right there with you. Glad you've dodged this bullet. :-)

  2. Hey, at least you didn't make your husband sleep on the couch or grab the quilt and pillow from your son. That's something I would have done....


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