Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas centerpiece

I wanted to show you how I put my dining room table centerpiece together. It's rather large, but it makes a big statement on the table.

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The base I use is an old wooden window box. I actually found it in a garbage pile about 25 years ago. I had no idea what I would do with it, but I had to have it. My husband kindly rescued it before the garbage men could chuck it into the back of the garbage truck. For years I used it, upside down, as a mantle over our 80's fireplace. For this arrangement, I use it right-side-up.

I place 4 pillar candles in a row, elevating them with various sized cans of food from my pantry. This year I'm using mandarin oranges and tomato sauce! After Christmas, I'll just put the cans back into the pantry.

Then, I use 2 garland strands to surround the candles. These are actually fall garlands I bought at clearance price from Pottery Barn last year. Even though they are fall garlands they have burgundy and green colors. I think they evoke a Christmasy feeling without trying too hard.

Because you can see the canned goods under the candles I use a roll of burlap ribbon (from the florist section at Michaels) to weave in, out, and around the garland and cans.

(Oh poo! I've lost the pic that I took to put here. Feel free to use your imagination!!!)

Depending on how many family members I am serving dinner to, the centerpiece can stay on the table or be removed to the sideboard. I have placed a folded table runner under the window box to protect my table surface (just in case).


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