Friday, December 4, 2009

Perky Pinecones

This is a really silly post today. I'm not even sure if anyone cares about this tip but it saved the day for me this week. I had decided to make pine cone bird feeders with my preschool students. Of course, I hadn't prepared the supplies ahead of time so I was scrambling to get them ready in the morning. When I went out into my yard to pick up pine cones, I discovered they were all closed up due to constant rain in our area. What's a girl to do? Microwave them!! I put 5 at a time into the microwave. I put them in between 2 sheets of paper towels.

After 2 minutes on high this is what they look like.

After 2 additional minutes this is what they looked like.

I stuffed the pine cones into a bag and went on my way.
**To make pine cone bird feeders, spread peanut butter, shortening, or lard on the pine cones. Sprinkle birdseed heavily onto it. Wrap yarn or twine around the fat end and hang on a tree. Enjoy watching the birds (and maybe a squirrel or two) eat their treat.


  1. Are you serious??? Who would have thunk it!? I'm not even crafty enough to think of this idea - very cool! Embarassingly, I would have headed to the nearest Michael's and plunked down the money for a bag.

    You are too cool!!

  2. Fabulous idea!!
    I wouldn't have known it was because of the rain!!!

  3. You are so clever! I think it's great that you shared this little tip. It might just help someone have fun with this craft too.

  4. too cool for school. i work with preschoolers too. i knew whay the pinecones close up, but never thought of zapping them! thanks!!


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