Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wrensday: Birdhouse ornaments

Our family loves birds, bird houses and feeding birds. For several years in a row we made little birdhouse ornaments for our friends and family.

The base of the birdhouse is a simple unfinished wooden birdhouse shape that we purchased at Michaels.

This gingerbread birdhouse was made by hammering a nail into the roof to make "graham cracker" like lines. We used puffy paint for frosting and mini pom-poms for a wreath. Heart sequins decorated the shutters and pre-made candy cane charms stand sentinel by the perch. This was our first attempt at making the ornaments and you can see that it is quite primitive. Just some red and white paint, a wreath made out of yarn and seed beads and a chipboard sign on the side with the family's name on it. Pretty simple.

This one is my favorite. A copper roof tops the stone cottage birdhouse. The stones are actually small pieces of leather glued on the wood and then we filled in around them with puffy paint as mortar.
Merry Christmas from our little birdhouse to yours.
I'm linking up with Kimba at A Soft Place To Land. Check out her blog for some great DIY projects.


  1. Those are precious! Paul's dad made ornaments for everyone in the family and some close friends every year for like 30 years. He finally stopped this year, as they moved to a retirement community. I love your birdhouses!

  2. These ornaments are so sweet, thanks for the kind words about my kitchen. And if you ever find yourself in North Georgia with some time to kill, come on over for that cup of coffee and candy.


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