Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Motivation: A few winter chores

Sometimes I'm so busy working on big projects that I forget about all of the little, mundane things that need to be done around my house. Trouble is, if you never get around to the little things - they become BIG things. And BIG things can be expensive. Yikes.

I've come up with a list of several things you might want to check on around your house before they become bigger problems.

1. Check your heating filters if you have them. They should be cleaned regularly so your heater runs efficiently.

2. Check your smoke detectors and CO2 detectors. Make sure they have fresh batteries and that they are plugged in. Fire fighters have made the sad discovery of people perishing in home fires because the batteries in the smoke detectors were unplugged.

3. Make sure that your outdoor faucets have covers on them. Most of us are experiencing extremely cold weather. That prolonged freezing weather can cause pipes to burst. These covers will keep your outside faucets from freezing.

4. Keep emergency supplies in your car. Pack a bag or a bin and keep it in your vehicle. It should contain: extra blankets, water, food, flashlight, flares. The evening news has been showing that some people have been trapped in their cars due to bad weather. God forbid you were ever caught in a blizzard, but at least you would have some supplies to help you survive. Better to have it and not need it.

5. Stock up for bad weather. Keep extra canned food, batteries, water, and medicine. If a bad storm hits and you can't leave your home or your power is out for a few days, you'll be glad you have supplies on hand.

Too much doom and gloom, you say? O.K. here's a few "fluff" ideas for winter tasks.

1. Go through your magazines and take out articles and pictures you would like to save. Recycle the rest.

2. Take a look at your coat closet. What items do you really wear? Remove any you aren't using and donate to charity.

3. Clean the inside of your kitchen window. If you have to look out at the frigid yard, at least you won't be looking through water drops and fingerprints.

4. Remove all items from the outside of your fridge and only replace half. (after wiping down the exterior with Sparkle Cleaner)

5. Add a doormat inside and outside every door in your home. It will help to keep down the drips and drops that come in with every visitor.


  1. Thanks for visiting- and thanks for the reminder list! I'm forwarding it to my hubby to make sure we're in good shape!

  2. Oh my! thanks for these reminders. Just put it on tonights To-Do list!!


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