Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sweet Gifts

I ran into a problem shortly before Christmas. I made batches of fudge and Martha Washington Creams (a yummy candy) to give as gifts to the teachers I work with. Well, neither the fudge nor the creams set up right. They were yummy, but not "gift worthy". Luckily my family is eager to devour anything chocolate, even if they have to do it with a spoon. I discovered the problem the night before I wanted to give the gifts so I had to come up with an emergency plan.

I quickly made a cute, stamped cocoa mug (out of paper) and put a package of hot chocolate mix in it. It was more of a card - less of a gift. I was disappointed because I had purchased some cute baskets from The Christmas Tree Shop in New England when I was helping out with my newest grandson. My daughter was eager to get out of the house, and what's a mother to do, but go along?!

Fast forward to the second week in January. I'm staring at the cute baskets in the craft room/office. I want to give them to the girls, but what to do? I scrounged around my supplies and found some snowflake fabric and my snowflake paper punch. This is what I came up with.
I started out by making a tag. I cut white and black paper into tag shapes, the white being a little smaller than the black. I punched a snowflake into the top of the white and a small hole in the top of the black.

I stamped "just for you" on the white tag and glued it to the black tag. I added some silver string through the snowflake so I can tie it to the basket.

Silver and gold candies complete the gift. I guess you could say it is "semi-homemade".

Now, what can I do with the little snowflakes that were punched out of the white paper. Confetti anyone?

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