Thursday, January 28, 2010

Window Seat Redo

Last week, for Monday Motivation, I listed my household to do list. Well, I've been working on my list and I'm almost done with my window seat redo. I recovered this seat 4 years ago when we moved into this house. I had to start with all new foam too, because the previous owner simply had too many cats. Enough said.

Red is my favorite color, especially deep cherry red. I've added it around my house but now I'm thinking I may have added too much. So. . . the redo.

Here's the before picture. Cherry red diamond pattern back pillows, camel colored seat cushions, and my favorite Waverly red check throw pillows. Did you notice that my back pillows are actually bed pillows that I covered? They are the perfect size. I actually have them on my sofa too. They are the MOST comfortable pillows to lean against.

Here's the after. I'm not THRILLED yet. I like the softer colors, but it's lacking something. I just need to look at it for a bit and then I'll figure it out. The seat cushions are the same. A nice neutral color. The back cushions are a muted red with a muted turquoise. I'm not happy with the green and red throw pillows. I grabbed them from another room in the house. I'd love to add some of the deep turquoise color but I haven't found the right color yet.

I'd appreciate any fabulous ideas you may have. I never have a hard time picking colors for other's homes - just my own!


  1. Your spot looks so cozy! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll let me know if you post that fabric when you make your pillows too. I'd love to see them!

  2. I told Ashley when I was over yesterday that I think you are nesting, lol. Could you come over here and nest for me? Apparently I am not going through that stage yet. :]


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