Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tip of the week: lemon oil

You all know how much I love cleaning products. I've written about sparkle cleaner and microfiber mopping before. Well, here's one of my favorite multi-taskers. Formby's lemon oil treatment takes care of a lot of problems for me. It works really well on furniture but it also takes care of other things.

My kitchen is in a sorry state. Everything is 30 years old and nothing started out as a quality product. I don't think the man who built this house was married at the time. My kitchen sink and faucet are both sad little numbers. Scratched, faded, and water stained.

Once a week, I rub some lemon oil on the chrome with a paper towel and it really brings back the shine. Yes it's temporary, but I'll take what I can get.

I've also used the lemon oil on glass shower doors to remove water spots. I always take a bottle with me to staging jobs because it can renew the look of cabinets, wood furniture, chrome details, and stainless steel.

The fine folks at Formbys did not design their product to polish the items I'm using it on. I'm not sure they would agree with me or not. Please be sure to always do a test on a small section of your surface with any product you've never used before. Just because it works for me doesn't mean it will always work well for you in your home. I'm jus' sayin'.

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  1. I have used Lemon Oil for years on countertops that need a good shine and on all of my stainless. I love the shine it gives off.


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