Thursday, February 25, 2010

Updated shelves

You've seen this picture before. This is how my reading corner looked a few weeks ago. Then, I decided to change out my darker colors and lighten things up a bit. Notice that the back of my bookshelves are deep red? I painted them that color so the back of the shelves would recede (at least that was my theory).

I bought some sage gray paint and painted the background. After the paint dried I thought it looked a bit too bright so I antiqued it with a clear glaze mixed with burnt umber acrylic craft paint. I simply rubbed it on with a rag.

Sorry for the dark picture. The sun hasn't been shining here for a few days. This is the same corner as the first picture.

This is the opposite side of the entertainment cabinet. My collection of birds is displayed here.

My husband says I really shouldn't be left alone at home with a paint brush. Next week I'll show you some other items I painted.

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  1. I really like how your shelves turned out. It really does brighten up your place. Great work!


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