Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wrensday: Little Visitors to The Wren

We've had a couple of little visitors to Brown Wren Acres this week. Our daughter and two grandsons have come for the week while our SIL is at a conference.
"J" is Papa's little helper. Everywhere Papa goes, J will follow. Or in this case, Papa follows J.

Please leave your boots at the door.

J loves to help Honey (that's me) with the gardening. This week he learned how to dig compost and how frogs like to hibernate in Honey's garden. Side note: Honey HATES frogs!!

J's little brother, "N", loves Papa's shoulder. All babies love Papa's shoulder.


  1. "Honey"- LOVE IT!

    What a wonderful place you & "Papa" have for grandchildren to visit. I'll bet they will have wonderful memories of their time with you. Little visitors are the best, aren't they? :-)

  2. What beautiful little eyes! Have a great week!


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