Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Thrifting Treasures

Many of you know that one of my favorite hobbies is to scour thrift stores for hidden treasures.

This past week I was able to indulge in this fun activity. 

Here are a few of my finds.

I paid $1.98 for the bird house thingy.  I paid another $1.98 for the cheese dome, .98 cents for the purple candle holder, and $2.98 for the cute purse.  The purse was new with the store tags still attached.  I can't even buy handles to make my own purse for $2.98!!

I gave the cheese dome and the candle holder a good scrubbing and 3 coats of Heirloom white spray paint.  Then I glued the cheese dome bottom to the candle holder.

I placed it beside a tall, chunky candle stick from Pottery Barn that I topped with an antique plate and a cheese dome I already owned.  I placed a few pretty sea shells in them both.  It makes a nice arrangement on my sideboard.

I'm not sure what this is.  It could be a bird house or a terrarium.  I removed the glass pieces that were held in with bendable tabs.  Then, I spray painted it with my favorite new spray paint, Heirloom White.  After cleaning the glass pieces, I replaced them within the tabs and placed it on my back porch. 

I'm always looking for glass containers to store my dry goods in.  These, in cobalt blue (swoon. . . ) caught my eye.  I already have them filled with grains and placed them in the pantry.


  1. I love your thrifty finds! The little white birdhouse/terrarium is my favorite... so sweet!

  2. Nothing like finding useful things and having fun at the same time!! Love what you did with the cheese dome and candle holder, honestly I never would have thought to put the two together, love the shells inside too.

    Enjoy your week...still working on my closet from yesterday. Its a mess, but nice in the end. Thanks for your Monday Motivations, I do enjoy them.


  3. That is so clever to put the candle holder and cheese dome together! I never would have thought of that but love them glued together and painted.
    I'm on my way to find the Heirloom White spray paint!

    And you are right about the cost of the handles for the purse. Great find!

  4. Great finds! Love the cheese dome and candle holder! And that bird house.is.adorable.


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