Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wrensday: Misty Morning

I just love a misty Spring morning.This is a view from our bird garden (which I can see from the kitchen window) to our produce garden.

This view is looking back towards the woods with our wood storage/barn to the right.

I love this Virginia rail fence design.

Behind this fence is a permanent bonfire area.  You can see the ugly blue tarp that covers the wood we use for bonfires.  Oops, I should have removed it before I took the pictures. 


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!! I wish I was sitting out back with you, looking at that view, sipping coffee and nibbling on lemon jello cake. ;-)

  2. *sigh* LOVE your house & yard. I want to move in *wink*

  3. What beautiful pictures and what a gorgeous property you have! It's so beautiful and peaceful.

  4. Come on over, Heidi! You're always welcome! I'll make some sweet tea.

  5. hmmm.... looks like a beautiful place for a fall wedding. ;) Think we can talk dad into building a large rustic barn before October? haha.


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