Thursday, May 6, 2010

Closet Motivation

One of the things I love about blogging is making so many new friends.  Friends from all over the world. 

One of my most faithful readers is a sweet lady named Lottie.  Now, one thing I've learned from Lottie is that it's important to make the most of your time.  She's always doing interesting things and going to interesting places. 

When it comes to Spring cleaning/organizing  she's got me beat.  She was so industrious that she was even working in the middle of the night.  I kid you not - in the MIDDLE of the night, so that her hubs wouldn't see all of the excess stuff she was getting rid of.  I tell you, I love this woman. 

I want to share an email she sent me (with her permission, of course) to show you how motivated she was to Spring clean.  The first part of the email tells a little bit about her as she responds to my request to have her email address.  She was leaving me all kinds of sweet comments and I wanted to email her to thank her.



I really enjoy your blog. My name is Charlotte, but I go by Lottie. I am a high school library
media specialist. I love to work and live in organized areas so I love your blog. (I even make my own soap now!)

I'm new to blogging so I just didn't think of adding the email address. I've added it to the blog now.

About the closets....I am worn out from getting up in the middle of the night. I finally told my husband
what I was doing when he asked why I was sleeping in the afternoons. He had no comment, so I'm
working today in daylight! Ha!

I'm ashamed to say I had six coats in the hall closet that no one has been able to wear for over ten
years. I took them to the Goodwill, very nice coats, but still if I had donated them back in the winter
someone could have worn them.

I set my sewing machine in the floor of the hall closet when it needed repair....again over ten years ago.
I finally took it yesterday and now I am so excited about having a sewing machine again.

I found gloves, lots of gloves, that I could have worn in the winter.

In the closet in the study, I found all the parts to several cameras that we have not been able to use.

I also cleaned out millions of computer cables, computer books, ink for printers we discarded five years
ago, etc. old computer stuff. Everything is up to date now. Whew!

The linen closet was the easiest. I put the sheets and pillowcases for each bedroom in a drawer in
that bedroom. The shelves are now full of clean towels, washcloths and extra pillowcases.

Today I am finishing my bedroom closet. This is going to be hard because I never did fit into some
of those favorite clothes, but they "gotta go", It's spring and its hot outside, and I need some room
for some new clothes.

Then, tomorrow is the pantry off the kitchen. That seems like an easy fix, but here I need to gather
can goods we never ate and donate while they are still good. I need to also reorganize the dog food
and cat food, and the shelves for outside shoes. That pantry is a scary place right now but it will
soon be the happiest place in the house! Ha! I'm an optimist.

Anyway, what a way to spend a vacation week.

Again, we love your blog. (We are actually saving toilet paper tubes for spring planting next year!:-)

Have a great week!

~ Lottie ~

See why I love her so much?  Can you imagine doing all of that work on your Spring break?  Please check out Lottie's blog and say Hi.

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