Thursday, May 27, 2010

Simple rules off addition

I've had an area in my family/dining room that needed a little sumpin-sumpin.

It's an awkward space where the dining area merges with the living area.  The floor transitions from brick to wood and there is an exposed outlet for all of the world to see.

I found a tall basket at the thrift store for 2 dollars and I really liked the shape of it. I decided to add it to the space.

It wasn't really tall enough to cover the outlet so I thought I'd add some flowers.  My hydrangeas aren't ready to pick yet so I added some fake (gasp) ferns that I usually put in my fireplace during the summer.

I liked the look but thought it still needed some height.  I found a little stool at a different thrift store (for 3 dollars) and added it to lift up the basket.  Just right.

I can rearrange all of these items and use them, individually, elsewhere in my home.  This type of addition and subtraction is really the only type of math I enjoy. 


  1. What a great addition the fern is. Looks great. I tried to hide all of the outlets in my home, as well.
    Have a great week. Monica

  2. Good call! It looks alot better!

  3. Looks just right! Way to go! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my painted 'granite' counter top post! I appreciate the compliment! :)


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