Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Etsy Shop Additions and Improvised Dress Forms

I have finally gotten the chance to add some new items to my Etsy shop.  I made them over a month ago but lots of family and church obligations kept me from taking the time I needed to photograph them and get them into the shop.

Also, since my apron model is getting married and moving out soon, I invested in some dress forms to model the items.  I went to a store that sells new and used store fixtures and purchased a half-size women's dress form and a child's plastic form that is made to hang on a hook.  I really wanted a set of beautiful vintage forms, but the price was too steep for my coin purse.  So, being the Tidy Brown Wren that I am, I improvised. 

I removed the short stand from the women's form and set it on top of a tall plant stand I've had for a while.  Fortunately, one of my dresses fit the form perfectly.

For the child's form , I removed the hanger from the top and attached a bracket to the legs. Then I attached the bracket to the bottom of a small table I found in the trash. I'm thinking I'll paint the table legs black to match the form.

So for around $50.00 I have two dress forms. The vintage set I wanted was $450.00. I still need to find a little black dress for the child's form.  This tank top of mine just isn't doing the job.

So this morning I got to play at being a photo stylist and photographer.  I'll admit that I felt really weird dressing and undressing the dress forms on my front porch.  I'm glad my neighbors can't see what I'm doing. 

Here's the result of all of my hard work:

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  1. Let me know if you don't find anything - I'm sure Audrey has something that will work!


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