Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cool dinner for Dog Day

Yesterday was a dog day for us.  We worked really hard and it was HOT outside. 

By the time dinner time came around, we didn't really feel like eating a meal let alone cook one. 

Since we needed nourishment anyway, I whipped up some green smoothies and tomato sandwiches.

Yummy and cool.

We also had some leftover corn on the cob from July 4th.

Look Ma, no utensils!

We decided to eat on the front screened porch as there was a cool breeze blowing.

Sometimes I call these smoothies "clean out the fridge smoothies" because I'm able to use up odds and ends of produce and liquids.

Here's my recipe:

liquid (juice, kefir,  or milk)
greens (spinach, lettuce, kale)
fruit ( any fruit you have on hand)
dairy (yogurt, ice cream)
*note:  There are no measurements.  This is just an add and blend recipe

First, add the liquid (maybe a cup or so)and greens (a large handful) into a blender.  Blend until smooth.  This is the most important step and ensures you don't have chunks of greens.

Second, add fruit and blend well.

Finally, add yogurt and blend completely.

Last night we had kefir, spinach, watermelon, cherries, and vanilla yogurt. 

I don't add any sweeteners but you can if you want to.  You could also add protein powder, but I limit my protein due to my kidney disease. You'd think the smoothie would have a strong "green" taste due to the spinach, but because of the fruit it has a more fruity taste. 

Tomato sandwiches:
Lightly toast bread (I use homemade bread)
Spread with mayo
Add fresh, sliced tomatoes
Sprinkle with sea salt and freshly ground pepper
Wipe your mouth cuz you're drooling by now
Eat one sandwich and then go back and make another

I could eat fresh tomato sandwiches every day during the summer.  They are just that good.  What do you make for dinner when it's too hot outside to eat?


  1. Ditto! Love tomato sandwiches. Fresh tomato sandwiches (sometimes with added bacon)every day for at least one meal - sometimes two! They are great for breakfast with a soft boiled egg! Not alot of variation in the nutrition going in my body, but you gotta eat them while there still here!

  2. YUM = tomato sandwiches!!! We had the whole family together this weekend, so I made some salads ahead of time:

    a vat of cucumber salad (fresh sliced cucumbers from the vine and red onions from the garden marinated in vinegar, sugar and a touch of salt),

    a vat of black bean and corn salad (black beans, farm market corn cut from the cob, onion, tomato, cubanelle and jalapeno peppers, and cilantro dressed with a touch of olive oil whisked into lime juice),

    and we grilled vegan sausages with peppers and onions on the grill.

    We laid it all out buffet-style and relaxed at the table while chatting and feasting. *sigh*


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