Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introducing Petal Pins in my Etsy Shop

Well, I've decided to put the new linen table runner into my Etsy shop. 

And while I'm on a linen kick, I decided to make these and put them into the shop as well.

I call them "Playful Petal Pins". 

You can wear them on your clothes or your handbags.

One or more would also look cute on a plain pillow.

This next one is my fav.  I want to keep her . . . but I won't.

This one matches the mother/daughter apron set I have in the 'NIBBLING section of my shop.

The shop sections are the same as the sections here on my blog.

NESTING:  things for making your home a bit nicer
NIBBLING:  things you'd find in your kitchen like aprons, dishtowels, etc.
NJOYING:  things that make you happy just to look at them or wear them

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